Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To Egg or Not to Egg?

The New York Times posted an excellent article today about going egg-free to create a lighter, more intensely flavoured ice cream. It's certainly food for thought. What I absolutely love most about ice cream is its creamy, decadent richness, which comes from using an egg-based custard. In the article, David Lebovitz, author of "A Perfect Scoop" (my bible), says this new egg-free ice cream goes against the Haagen-Daz style of “fat-is-flavor”. But isn't fattening the very point of ice cream?

In any case, I'll definitely try out these egg-less recipes to compare. At the very least, it might help spare me some calories.


  1. great link to a great article... rich hates eggs so i try not to egg it up too much in my ice cream making!

    i wonder if this is why your maple walnut was of perfect consistency, due to the extra sugar content of the maple syrup? i just made a vietnamese iced coffee style ice cream and the results were similar -- excellent texture, which i can point to the use of super sweet sweetened condensed milk as the happy culprit? :)

  2. Hey Lynds! Thanks for actually reading. It's so funny because I just made the custard for coffee ice cream and churning it up tonight. I think you're right about the sugar. Also gonna try the egg free maple spice recipe from the NYT and see how that turns out. I'm back in the mood! :)