Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peter Peter Pumpkin Ice Cream Eater

The jury's out. My pumpkin pie ice cream (with cinnamon cookies representing pie crust) is just alright. Everyone who sampled it said the flavour was good but the texture was off. And I agree. Perhaps it was from adding an extra tablespoon or two of rum (I couldn't resist!) or not letting the ice cream soften at room temperature long enough, but the ice cream wasn't as creamy as I hoped and it came out more icy in texture. There was also a dry after taste perhaps from too much cinnamon? All in all, this pumpkin ice cream is enjoyable enough for me but I wouldn't serve it to Peter or future guests. It was a fun experiment though!

Here's the recipe for those interested. I found it on a blog by David Lebovitz, the god of ice cream.