Monday, August 23, 2010

Ice Cream Smackdown!

 My friend Aaron invited me to enter an ice cream smackdown party hosted by the lovely Alexis. It was so much fun! Alexis went all out with the details and decorations. My favourite touches were the ice cream dish set, adorable ballot cards and portable coolers to keep the ice cream from melting while everyone sampled all the creamy goodness -- genius!

Competition was fierce. Seven handmade creations were judged -- pyscho chocolate, salted pistachio, jackfruit, banana caramel swirl, salted caramel brownie sundae, blackberry and maple walnut spice (made by yours truly). After several rounds of tasting, the ballots were counted and it was a decisive win. Salted caramel brownie laid the big smackdown! Salted pistachio and maple walnut spice tied for second. Yippee, yippee! I seriously HEART my little second place trophy. It's the cutest. (That's Aaron trying to gnaw on it). This really made my day!

Thanks again Alexis for a super fantastic time and congrats on the tie. She made the delicious pistachio. :)


  1. Sounds like a fun time!

  2. OHMIGOSH! amazing, and so cute and fun!!!

    what ice cream makers did everybody use??

    i wish my ice cream maker made more than 1 container at a time. (i know, greedy). would love to upgrade to something bigger... but no room to store!

    that is such an adorable trophy!!

  3. Hi TSD! Thanks for coming back to read.

    Lynds - For the most part everyone used a Cuisinart like ours. I hear ya about the storage space. My condo only has 2 closets for everything!!! Maybe you can buy a second bowl to keep in the freezer or still no room?