Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Win, Lose, A Draw

The two chocolate ice creams battled to a draw and were devoured by the Oscar party-goers. (Thanks Annika for hosting!). It was difficult to determine which was the party favourite. My friend Jason, a food connaiseur in his own right, preferred the "Harvey Milk Chocolate" because it was just like biting into a piece of dark chocolate. I, on the other hand, loved "Mud Chocolate Wrestling" since it tasted exactly what chocolate ice cream should be like - creamy, velvety and not too dense or over-powering. Good thing Sean Penn won the Oscar for playing Harvey Milk because I awarded the Oscar for Best Ice Cream to the other one, "Mud Chocolate Wrestling." I wonder if Mickey would agree...

1 comment:

  1. By the way, on my flight home from Peru in April, I randomly sat next to Sean Penn in first class. He looked very tired and hungover but was very polite. I think he would've loved my Harvey Milk Chocolate. :)